Stay organized with Blog post Checklist

Stay organized with Blog post Checklist
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To be honest we all wear different hats at different times and the same implies with blogging too.

With so many things going on in a blogger’s mind it is difficult to always be organized while sharing any new posts.

For blogger mommies like me who have so much on their plate, I have designed a blogpost checklist.

That would be helpful for the new bloggers or struggling bloggers or bloggers who are all over the place.

We as bloggers need to make sure that our posts are ticking all boxes of the checklist before we press publish! 

I have been there so I know that the struggles to be an organized blogger are real!

We all make human mistakes while publishing new posts or struggle with getting ourselves organized all the time. I am sure you can also relate to my perspective.

Just after publishing, I use to realize that I missed creating pins for the post or it was published without adding the images.

Sometimes a post needs a final review and edit, to look polished but with so much happening around we miss doing that. 

At times an email pops in on my laptop while posting or social media notifications distract me! And here I go off track again…

I am a writer who loves to put my sincere thoughts while posting so my blog are time-consuming.

I understand completing everything on this blog post checklist takes time, but I can tell you it’s totally worth it to make you habitual! 

Some of the reasons for a Blogger to have a Blog post Checklist are:

  • Your time management improves and your posts start getting published on time.
  • Well-constructed posts with no miss, get the reader’s attention and SEO rating on google.
  • When it comes to blogging Content is the king. Using a checklist helps you optimize your content

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I hope that you find it useful to have a checklist before hitting the publish button. Being organized is one of the most important and most difficult parts of blogging for many of us.

Print this checklist and let me know how it’s helping you in your new posts. I’d love to get your feedback in the comments!


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