Post Interview Questions that Make your mark!

Post Interview Questions that Make your mark!
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I have interviewed probably thousands of candidates in my career. I always make sure is to give a fair opportunity to all candidates to ask me the questions. Whether it is after the interviews or during career fairs.

Many candidates use the time to try to further convince the interviewers about how suitable they are for the job. While some candidates don’t have any questions after the interview at all.  Some applicants feel their skills already mentioned in the resume will do the trick. t It always surprises me that how many people miss to ask good questions.

Asking questions is important for many reasons:

A job that might have a huge impact on your career and your work-life balance for few years one must not hesitate to ask related questions during or post interview.

I understand people have so many concerns while questioning the interviewers like being negatively judged for things they want to know. They also worry about portraying themselves as demanding or high maintenance employees. Some candidates are not sure about how to extract the information they really want about the job in a right way.

What to ask interviewers?

Below are few questions for you to ask in an interview to both impress your potential employer and help you get useful insights about future employment.

What accomplishments are expected from the person holding this position in their first six months?

Here you are trying to understand whether the job role is at par with your skill set. This question can give you a sense of what kind of learning you’re expected to have. If you’re expected to have major achievements after only a few months, that tells you that you will be working with what kind of timelines.This question can also draw out information about upcoming projects that you wouldn’t otherwise have heard about.

What measure the success of the person in this position?

Here you are trying to ask -What does it mean to do well. Also what will you need to achieve in order for the manager to be happy with your performance. It’s more about understanding Hiring Manager’s perspective.

Organizations often post job descriptions provided to them from HR. While the actual manager has very different ideas about what’s most important in the role. So it’s useful to have a real conversation about what the role is really about.

What are some of the challenges you expect the person in this position to face?

This information you’d never get from the job description or in a Job advertisement. It can also create an opening for you to talk about how you’ve managed to come over similar situations in the past which can be reassuring to your Hiring Manager. You may expect answers highlighting interdepartmental politics or difficult people to deal with in your job or any budget restrictions etc.

How does a work week does looks like for this position?

Here you want to know the reporting lines and day to day activities associated with the position. You might find out that the part of the job that you were most excited is a very small part of your new role. Or you may get to do things which you are well experienced in. The answer to this question can just help you to evaluate your current work schedule and actually what it will be like in the new job.

How would you describe the organizational culture?

Trying to understand the organizational culture helps you visualize if you will be happier in your new position. With this question you are trying to understand if the company follows a competitive or fast paced environment. In case you’re more of a laid back culture type, this opportunity is not the best. It might not be the ideal workplace for you. Even if you decide to go ahead with the offer for other reasons you will not be unpleasantly surprised with the culture.

What your employees describe as the best part about working with this organization?

You can learn a lot about any organization by the way people respond to this question. People who genuinely enjoy their jobs and the company culture will usually have several things to say as an immediate response. If you get a blank stare or a murmuring voice while your interviewer answers, this is a caution! sign.

Tip : Do “not” ask questions for the sake of it

While you prepare for your interview and do all the research on company profile, spend some time thinking about what you really want to know from the employer. When you think about Job change what things impact the quality of your life. what kind of work culture works the best for you. Maybe you care most about working somewhere with less hours, where calls and texts on the weekend or in the evenings are rare. Whatever you would want answers for before making up your mind, think about asking it during the interview.

Consider doing employer’s background check

We are humans with different emotions and we feel overwhelmed often. Do not consider it as the only opportunity for understanding about these things. You should also try to do a reference check for the organization by talking to people in your network. Reading online reviews and talking to other people who work there. After all this is a job that you’re considering spending 8 hours or more every day so decide wisely.

A Thank you note goes a long way

Lastly A thank you note works as a cherry on top of the cake. It’s the individual interview experience that keeps you among the top in shortlisted candidates. You will realize how easy it is to stay in someone’s mind through the questions that make a mark.

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Don’t miss to send your future employer a thank you note for answering your questions putting your concerns to rest!


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