My trip to Gorgeous Georgia

My trip to Gorgeous Georgia
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Being a travel enthusiast, I always look forward to plan the next holiday. It was still the winters season, after Christmas holidays. I was wondering the school will soon announce the spring break. On an idle afternoon, I was thinking which part of the globe to be explored this spring? ( I generally do my planning well in advance). While scrolling my Facebook feed I came across my friend’s vacation pictures to Georgia. I couldn’t help my self from going through them over and over. Spontaneously my mouth uttered “Georgia is gorgeous”. Now this place was on my list and I decided I have to visit this beautiful country as soon as I can.

I started my research on airfare and a good time to travel. I always check skyscanner for my ticket bookings.To my surprise the country was so beautiful and has breathtaking views in all four seasons. It meant I can visit Georgia in any season.

I was looking at more and more pictures and thinking how come everyone visiting Georgia use Photoshop so well. Is this place actually so beautiful? My curiosity did not took rest till I visited Georgia in the month of March.

Tiblisi – A city that loves you

We decided to stay in Tbilisi and have a driver with car to explore the places around. Soon enough I fell in love with Tiblisi. Below are some beautiful memories which are worth sharing.
Mother of Georgia statue

We started our trip from Tiblisi local tour by visiting local places like walk through old town waterfall, freedom bridge and taking a cable car to see Mother of Georgia statue. Mother of Georgia has sword in one hand and Wine in another. Georgian people say that she use to greet friends with wine and enemies with sword so her statue represents the same.
Old town in Tbilisi

Bodbe Monastery Signagi

Our next destination was Bodbe monastery in Signagi. I must say Georgia has well preserved it’s culture and history. We had a good time walking around the monastery and exploring the beautiful landscapes.We further visited Kavareli lake and drove back to Tibilsi enjoying the beautiful views en route.

Kakheti region

Kakheti region is a part of eastern Georgia and it is also known as lovers town. Our guide told us that people in love can marry anytime in this region. We also went to see the church where couples can tie the knot when ever they want. The surroundings and people in the place were kind a cute. It is also very famous for the wine tours and wine yards.
Kakheti region

Trip to Jvari Monestary

The View in the image below is from beautiful Jvari Monastery which is a prominent selfie spot in Georgia.The city you can see at the right in the picture below is just 2 hours drive from Jvari Monastery. Georgia’s easy approach and connectivity to it’s cities makes it a wonderful tourist destination.
Jvari Monastery

Wine tasting tour in Georgia

A big part of Georgia tourism is all about wine.Georgia has beautiful wine yards, wineries. Georgian wines tastes amazing, it’s easily available in all supermarkets and it’s cheap. If you are a wine lover I strongly recommend having a wine tasting tour in Georgia. followed by a Georgian lunch.

Gadauri Ski resort

The weather in Georgia is generally cold but we were lucky to get snow in Gudauri. The most beautiful part of the complete trip was visiting Gadauri Mountains. We took an ice flyer to the top.There was a cafe serving hot food & beverages. My kids had lots of snow play time. It was a fun excursion but Ice flyer does not operate after 5:30 pm. It’s better to reach Gadauri ski resort by 12:00 pm to spend some nice snow time. Our guide told us that Gudauri ski resort is beautiful in summers with different shades of green, red and yellow. which gave us another reason to visit Georgia to see the different colors in summer.

Georgian food

I fell in love with Georgian cuisine, being a vegetarian I was not expecting to get to eat something which is so fresh, delicious & easily available. My kids loved the Churchkhela (Georgian snickers). It is made up of natural grape juice and nuts. Some of the must try dishes dishes in Georgia is kachapuri (bread filled with melted cheese) Kinkhali (steamed dumplings), lobiani (red beans filled in bread) & mother’s bread with fresh cheese I recommend to try it by roadside.

Nightlife in Georgia

Georgia is a very safe country. People in Georgia drink alcohol a lot but I never found anyone misbehaving on the streets. Everyone follows the government rules as their social duty. There are some restaurants, cafes and bars open till late night where people can enjoy good food with live music. We were out till late night enjoying the captive views of the city before we say adieu to this beautiful city with many stories to tell when we reach back….
Night view of Tiblisi

Hope you enjoyed this blog, I will be soon sharing another article of my visit to Batumi as Georgia keeps calling my heart so I have to keep visiting….


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  1. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

    1. Thank you, I will definitely write more about Georgia, It is a lovely place, I recommend you to visit Tiblisi.

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