Make money from a Blog in 10 ways

Make money from a Blog in 10 ways
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I have been working in a very demanding job for the past 10 years. I have been very lucky to work with lovely colleagues. Unfortunately, my job was very demanding. I used to work 12-14 hours a day in a fast-paced environment. I decided I have to do something towards a stress-free life, where I will be able to do what I loved.

That’s how it all started…

I was sure that the 9-5 job is something I cannot do anymore. So I started researching online for alternative options. I found many creative ways to make money online. But I was looking for something that I could enjoy doing every day while making money.

I realized I spent a lot of time reading blogs. I found some people that are currently living the life I want to live.

Some of them stay at home and work, away from the corporate world. Some travel frequently using their savings. Others share their expertise on something they have mastered. So I thought: maybe I should start a blog as well! 

If you want to find out how to start a blog that makes money, you will need to put in a lot of hard work. Starting a blog might take you less than an hour to set up, but building a successful blog that will earn you money will take much more time and effort.

So roll your sleeves, get a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

TIP: There is a lot to learn and digest in this post. Don’t feel like you need to read all of this today. Bookmark or pin it and come back to it every time you need guidance, or are ready to move to the next step of your blogging journey.

People always ask me – Could they really Earn Money From Blogging?

Let’s answer the first question straight on: Yes!…and no.

Actually it all depends on what stage you are on in your blogging career. Everyone’s experience with blogging is completely different!

Let’s understand some facts here:

Q- Will you be earning $1000 per month after 3 months of blogging?

A- Very unlikely.

Q- Can you be earning $200 to $500 per month after 6-12 months of blogging?

A- Yes!

Q- Can you earn over $1000 per month after a year of blogging?

A- Yes!

Now let’s understand the time frame:

Some people quit their jobs to start blogging, they spend 8 hours a day writing new posts & marketing them. Some people only have a few hours a week to dedicate to it along with their job.

Others spend 3 hours a week making one post and spending little time on everything else. Each blogger has a different way of working their way around blogging and making money.

I will share some tried and tested ways to make money from your blog from my experience.


What I really love about blogging is that there are almost infinite ways to make money with it. You then can start earning money from your blog in many ways. Here I am going to share 10 sure shot tips that will work without fail.

  1. Display ads through Google Adsense

Displaying ads on your blog is one of the easiest ways to make money. Once you’ve set the ads, you don’t have to do anything else. Google AdSense is one of the most common to pay you to display advertising on your pages, and you get paid every time someone sees the ads or clicks on them.

The more people visit your blog, the more money you can make. For example, one can earn  $10-20 per day with 1,000 daily page views.

2. Participate in affiliate programs

Through this program of affiliate marketing companies/businesses and promote their products or services. This is where every beginner or a newbie blogger should start to earn through a blog. 

Here’s how affiliate marketing works: 

you get a special tracking link from the company you’re an affiliate for. Then, you place that link within relevant posts on your blog. When someone clicks on that link or completes a purchase, you make money.

You can earn a fraction of each sale, or get a small commission for sending a customer to a website. Once you create a blog post that has a good conversion, all you have to do keep it updated. Check it once in a while and keep getting paid for it.

3. Selling products on the blog

Selling products is a good way to make money. One can sell anything related to the blog from physical products like t-shirts and travel accessories to digital products like courses and printables through ETSY. 

Tip : Just start by selling something small. Get an idea of what selling products can be like on a blog. When you are ready, move up to a more expensive product to sell.

4. Create an ebook or a course for sale

You could create any sort of product to sell. It could be ebooks or guides. One can also start a paid email boot camp to set up a blog. Creating a course may require much more active work from you, like supporting course subscribers but it can be very profitable.

The above ideas should be considered after about a year of blogging when you have a large following or an email subscription service. This is not to be considered for you beginners just yet! (But feel free to start planning!)

5. Offer sponsored content

There are 2 good ways to offer sponsored content.

a) Guest posting

The first way to do this is through offering guest posting opportunities to new bloggers at a charge. They are willing to pay you for creating a post and backlink through your blog. 

b) Product reviews

Second is to provide paid product reviews. Once you are a famous blogger many companies approach you to write positive reviews about their product/service.

Brands pay you because they want to get in front of your audience. Which means you actually have to have an audience. Some brands also look for micro-influencer bloggers, who have a small but very loyal following.

This idea is for a targeted audience that is interested in a very specific topic.

6. Offer Content writing services

Starting a blog isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and patience. But some of you might need money now.

One way to grow your blog while making money is to use all the skills you have (and are learning). And using your blog to showcase your expertise is a tremendous way to find your first client.

One can offer the service of content writing to busy businesses or clients to make some money on an immediate basis.

7. Become a virtual assistant

As the name suggests virtual assistants work for businesses on various tasks remotely. As a virtual assistant, you could write blog posts for others, do website set up, or offer your own services, like marketing or photography.

Make sure your main menu has a page about services offered by you. So that you can be approached by different people/ businesses. 

8. Making youtube videos

Videos or vlogs are totally a game-changer when it comes to blogging. One can attract more traffic to their blog through youtube videos about the blog.

If these videos have good views you can consider placing ads on them for additional money-making.

9. Social Media Management

In every business initiative time is money. As the business grows you have fewer things to focus on. If your blog is making money there is no harm in becoming someone’s social media managers to utilize time.

You could manage other bloggers’ social media accounts or design their pins depending on what you want to offer.

10. Selling photographs

Selling your original photos can be a very lucrative way to make money blogging. Digital products are an incredible source of passive income because you put in the minimum effort to create them.

They are delivered to the buyers without you having to do anything (as long as you have the right systems in place).

Selling unused images is the most effortless and most easy way to make money. As long as you have value to offer and the right audience for a product, you can get out there and reach out to your favorite brands.

Create your own earning strategy

Figure out how you are going to make money with your blog. There are hundreds of ways you can make money online. These ways will be different for each blogger. By focusing on what works for you, you can utilize the right type of content to increase your income.

Mix and match all the options that I have shared, to figure out your monetization strategy.

Be creative with what you can offer! A solid way to find opportunities is to reach out to local businesses and network in blogging Facebook groups. 

Check my youtube video on the same topic by clicking here

I hope you will use these tips to make money from your blog. Do share your feedback about this post. Let me know in the comments which money-making ways work out best for you?

Happy blogging!


A wanderlust follower who believes travel broadens your horizons. I love to explore new places & beauty of nature as it fuels life into my soul.

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