How to reach Hong kong Disneyland?

How to reach Hong kong Disneyland?
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Reaching Hong Kong Disneyland from Hong Kong

To get to HKG Disneyland there are three main options to choose from- first is to catch the MTR. Second is to book a private transfer. Third is to take public transport like taxi or a bus. Ferry was an option before but it is discontinued at present due to some issues. Lets talk about all the mentioned options in detail.

Metro to Hong Kong Disneyland

The magical journey begins the moment you board the train for Disneyland resort from Sunny Bay Station. You can get to Sunny bay station from MTR Kowloon Station by taking the Tung Chung line. Journey time is 18 minutes. Sunny Bay Station is designed based on a Disney theme where Disney characters will remind you of the Disney movies by representing them on trains. Trains to Disneyland have Mickey Mouse head-shaped windows and hand grips, as well as Disney character statues inside the train, train stations or waiting areas.

An easy way to get to the Disneyland theme park is through Disneyland Resort MTR Station. You can reach this site on the MTR Disneyland Line, Disneyland Station. We as a family quiet liked the MTR service to travel around during our stay in Hong Kong. It was easy to use, cheap and user friendly so I would highly recommend using the MTR to get to Hong Kong Disneyland. The theme park entrance is a 5-10 minute walk From Disneyland Resort Station.

Bus to Hong Kong Disneyland

Three franchised bus routes run daily to and from locations around Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.If you are planning to take a bus directly from airport you can catch A or E airport shuttle bus service to Lantau Link Toll Plaza. From Lantau Link Toll Plaza take the R8 bus to Hong Kong Disneyland Bus Terminal.

If you are staying in Hong kong you can take the R33 bus service from Tuen Mun Station to Disneyland Bus Terminal and the R42 bus service from Tai Wai Station Bus Terminal to the Disneyland Bus station.

Private Transfer to Hong Kong Disneyland

If you are looking for the convenience, a private transfer service is well worth considering. If you want to pre book yourself to save some time and hassle, pick up a Hong Kong Disneyland Admission with Transport. This comes with hotel pickup, general admission ticket, and an MTR pass (which you need ultimately) to either Hong Kong or Kowloon to get you back at the end of the day. Among other private tour agencies is a reliable option for shared coach/bus transfers to Disneyland.

Taxi to Hong Kong Disneyland

If you are a family of four and want to reach Hong Kong Disneyland resort without restriction Taxi is a good idea. There are 3 types of taxi service that provide transportation to and from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

The color of the taxi indicates the areas served:

  • Urban taxis (red)

  • New Territories taxis (green)

  • Lantau taxis (blue)

The taxi queue at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is located at the Disneyland Public Transport Interchange (PTI). Taxis are good to reach Disneyland for solo travelers or couples but it will be a problem if you have big luggage or a group of more than 4 people as Hong Kong taxis are quite small and not suitable for family of luggage. One can refer to taxi fares online for approximate fares to Hong Kong Disneyland from various locations in Hong Kong.

Hope you reach there conveniently and enjoy your Hong Kong Disneyland visit.


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