7 Free things to do in U.A.E

7 Free things to do in U.A.E
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U.A.E is undoubtedly the most sort after tourism destination in the world. The country has so much to offer in one return ticket. It has all kinds of excursions for all age groups like beaches, mountains, desert, cutting edge technology, modern amenities, great hospitality.

U.A.E has multicultural approach to everything  and wonderful infrastructure which fascinates many people to come enjoy tourism/live & work in United Arab Emirates.

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The country has some beautiful tourist spots which can be enjoyed and explored by solo travelers and families without spending a cent. They are totally free!

I have listed some free things to do for the day or a great evening in U.A.E without spending any money or entry fee.

1. Jumeirah Beach Dubai 

Jumeirah beach is one of the most visited beaches by residents and tourists in Dubai being a free attraction. It is also known as kite beach. As it’s name one can see so many people flying colorful kites on this beach. The sunset view along with Burj Al Arab is truly amazing. This beach also has some small restaurants and cafes by beach side.

Make sure to carry some beach clothes with you while you visit this family friendly beach with kids. There are changing rooms and fresh water bath arrangements if you could not resist taking a dip in this beautiful sea while enjoying its sumptuous surroundings.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

This attraction is one of my favorite free things to do in UAE. Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque Abu Dhabi is famous for its magnificent architecture. It is a place worth visiting for it’s artistic approach towards the interiors & exteriors.

It has beautiful and massive chandeliers with one of the world’s largest Chandelier weighing approximately 12 tons. Commendable marble artwork on the floor, walls and its pillars.

Hand knotted carpets which are an artistic masterpiece. There is no entry fee for the Mosque and it welcomes all religions. There are certain do’s and don’ts to be considered for male and female visitors.

While planning the visit one can refer to Grand mosque website for all the information and operating timings.

3. Al Majaz waterfront Sharjah

 Al Majaz waterfront is taking recreational activities in Sharjah to a whole new level. This attraction begins with beautiful Majaz park which is an ideal place for picnics or family outings offering cycle tracks and play areas for kids.

It portrays free Musical Fountain show taking place for visitors every evening. Al Majaz also features a long jogging track which is great place to Jog for fitness enthusiasts.

Al Majaz has so many restaurants that offers you a water facing dining experience overlooking the beautiful Sharjah corniche.

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4. Al Seef Dubai 

Al Seef gives a sneak peek into how Dubai has evolved from its traditional architecture towards being a modern Hi – tech city. It is new development that has multi cuisine dining options with beautiful views of Dubai creek. It also gives a comparison about present and old Dubai.

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Al Seef is very close to Meena bazar which is one of the oldest shopping places in Dubai for textiles, jewelry, furniture, souvenirs and discount centers .It is a great place to have a long stroll in a good weather exploring the Bur Dubai area located in the heart of Dubai.

5. Camel souk Al Ain


 The Camel Souk in AlAin is an open market to buy and sell camels. On the way from Dubai to Al ain one can spot so many camel farms. There are about hundreds of camels with their sellers waiting to be purchased.

Some of the vendors sell fresh camel milk as well. It’s a good place for taking pictures of so many camels gathered at one place but be careful as some camel vendors do charge money for taking pictures of their camels or if you want a picture with their camels.

6. Snoopy Island Fujairah

Snoopy island in Fujairah is named on the famous cartoon character snoopy. This island is very close to Fujairah, this place is famous for offering stay cations in luxury resorts.

Some people prefer to enjoy their stay cation the budget friendly way. A great way of a stay cation is doing night camping on the beach. Snoopy island has a quiet beach for exploring adventure through snorkeling or diving during the day and enjoying a night camp with bonfire followed by beautiful view of sunrise. 

7. Jabal Jais mountain Ras Al Khaimah

Jabal Jais is the tallest mountain in U.A.E. It is also one of the most popular adventure spots in Ras Al Khaimah. This attraction is free for public to visit. Along with breathtaking views from the top it offers thrilling attractions for adventure sports like mountain climbing and zip lining.

It’s a preferred place for many local residents as it relives people living around the desert from the heat with temperatures around ten degrees. While visiting Jabal Jais carrying a thin jacket is recommended because temperatures do vary at different times of the day.


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Hope you enjoy exploring these free attractions. Let me know which one you liked the best.



A wanderlust follower who believes travel broadens your horizons. I love to explore new places & beauty of nature as it fuels life into my soul.

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