Entrepreneurship – A skill to Master

Entrepreneurship – A skill to Master
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In India there was a small shop of snacks in front of our office building. His Snacks were tasty and price competitive. Most of the employees use to eat his snacks during lunch time.

We were a group of colleagues who went to his shop for having some snacks. One of my colleague was in the mood of leg pulling to have some fun so he started with the shop owner by telling him that – you have maintained this shop and food quality so well, you seem to have good management skills. Don’t you think that you are wasting your talent and time by selling snacks?

So here it started!

I Think, if you were working for big company, you would have been a manager like me. isn’t it ? Poor vendor… he smiled at the manager and said -Sir, I think my work is better than your work and I am more futuristic.

Futuristic! what makes you think so? My colleague was confused with his reply.

His reply was amazing – he said 10 years back I used to sell snacks on the street. At same time you got this job. That time I was earning Rs. 1,000 in a month and your salary was maybe Rs.10,000

In this 10 years of career, we both have seen progress. I owned my shop and became famous snack business in this area and you became a manager.

Now you are earning Rs. 100000 while I am earning same. So surely, I can say that my work is better than yours.

The logic!

I started my entrepreneurship at lowest income. My son doesn’t have to do the same. One day my son will take over my business and he doesn’t have to start from 0. He will get fully established business and become an entrepreneur himself. But in your case, the benefits will be taken by your boss kids, not by your kids.

You can not offer your Job position to your son /daughter. They have to start from scratch. Whatever you have achieved in 10 years, your kids cannot inherit.

Now tell me who is wasting his Talent and Time?

After this conversation my friend paid the bill, he didn’t speak a word and left……. but this conversation left a deep impact on all of us.

We learnt the lesson that “Entrepreneurship is a worthwhile risk for a better future”.

Start something an Entrepreneur

Starting something new can be pretty overwhelming at times but you have to embrace the change. Over time your experience and expertise in the topic will be off the charts and so will your income.

So, don’t shy away from starting something new, work from home or aside from your job. It actually doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, just start a side gig, you’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you try it.

Read more about ideas to make money and let me know which one you would like to try?

I would be happy to hear your entrepreneurship stories in the comments below.

Happy reading!


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