Easy vegetarian dinner recipes for guests

Easy vegetarian dinner recipes for guests
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Who doesn’t like having a fun time with friends & family but the hassle to decide the menu & preparing food puts the plans to ice. We as a family love to socialize and we prefer meeting friends at their homes. With young kids inviting friends over is a good idea instead of meeting outside. So that we can have extended fun without being concerned about kids being left out. There are certain things that makes meal preps a happy family friendly affair. Let me share my tips with you 🙂

Get others involved for help

Involve kids in the preparation of food, what ever age the kids are they can surely contribute something to the preparation whether its setting up the table, putting things in the refrigerator, filling water bottles etc.

By getting involved in cooking easy recipes, grown up kids learn a life skill. It’s always good to have extra helping hands for cooking, so it’s great both ways by taking help in dinner preparations for the guests.

Vegetarian meal preparation ideas

Below are some ideas for a three course menu suitable for all age groups. I am a vegetarian so the entire menu is for meat less cooking. I have given a choice of 2 recipes in each group.

Options for Starters

Starters should be easy to make, tasty & fun for everyone. Some examples for all time snacking options that can be made with minimum ingredients are below for your reference .



It is easy and quick to prepare recipe with minimum ingredients and it goes well with any drinks. You can check my recipe for a lip smacking Guacamole and serve it with warm Nachos.



This starter is loved by kids & adults alike. this vegetarian recipe can be made in advance and can be warmed up before putting on the table, also you can choose either zucchini or potatoes or combine them for a great snack based on your preference. It tastes heavenly with sour cream.

Here’s a link to my recipe for Zucchini potato Fritters.


Options for Main course

In the main course I always prefer one pot or casserole recipes, so I don’t have to be the kitchen and miss all the fun. The focus is on preparing quick & healthy dinners for my guests. So that everyone can enjoy and I do not get drained with the preparations.



Pasta is an all time family friendly comfort food. I like this dish in particular as it is hassle free cooking. I just drop all ingredients into a big pot (pasta, veggies, herbs & cheese) and TADA!! my pasta is ready in 45 minutes.

I love experimenting ‘with its ingredients to add some fusion to my pasta. I use whatever is available in my refrigerator. But while cooking I make sure that the recipe is easy, inexpensive and absolutely delicious. 



Another warm dish which is very easy to make, with just the crust, cheese & tomatoes as main ingredients. I generally prepare my casserole in advance and put it for baking after my guests arrive. By the time we do the first course of starters my casserole for tarte aux tomatoes gets ready.


Options for Desserts 

I love this part of the whole cooking thing. I have added two of my favorite dessert ideas for you. Both recipes are very quick to make, egg free and tastes absolutely amazing. After you decide on easy dinner options for your guests, decide on what to prepare in advance. One can also prepare these recipes a day in advance and refrigerate.



As the name suggests, it is a lovely dessert recipe is made mainly with blueberries, dry coconut and flour. You can add in your ideas to make it more enjoyable for example my kids love to put M&M’s on the top of any cake I bake.



It is a type of dessert recipe where the twisters itself are good to go as a dessert with or without strawberry sauce. I generally serve it with the strawberry sauce when I have guests. The leftover sauce can refrigerated for about a week. I use it to make bread sandwiches for kids snack box for schools. You can go through this link for this delicious recipe.


MIX FRUIT TWISTERS WITH STRAWBERRY SAUCE – In this dessert the twisters itself are good to go as a dessert with or without strawberry sauce but I generally serve it with the sauce. the leftover sauce can be used on bread for kids snack box for schools.

Hope you liked the three course menu ideas. Please share your thoughts and your guesting experiences with me in the comment section below. I would love to hear about more about your favorite vegetarian recipes from you.

Happy cooking!



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