Budget shopping Malls in Baku, Azerbaijan

Budget shopping Malls in Baku, Azerbaijan
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Baku, Azerbaijan street market

Being a female it’s needless to say that I love shopping and getting a pocket friendly shopping destination is like a cherry on the top of your favorite cake. Whenever I am planning my vacation to any destination, my to do list has research for shopping options. If the country offers any budget friendly market or shopping place, it’s a must visit for me. I loved so many things in Baku but shopping and traditional Azerbaijani cuisine at the local restaurants was the best among all the things.


Exploring budget shopping in Baku

In my quest to search cheap shopping places in Baku, I tried everything that was available on internet and visited few malls but nothing was worth it. So I switched to my plan B which was asking local people. A taxi driver strongly recommended me something by the name of “Bina sadrei”. In Baku communication is a barrier as all people do not speak good English so get ready for some sign language ; )

Thanks to the internet I was able to find the correct names of 2 malls mentioned by Taxi guy. Theses malls are Bina mall & Sadarek Mall. I strongly recommend that if you love to shop clothes please do visit them.


Do’s & Don’ts to follow in Budget shopping malls

If you are planning to visit go with an empty bladder and full stomach. (food options are few and washrooms are not very hygienic though they are paid). Both the malls are located next to each other. These malls are big and the layout is like a maze so it’s better to get out when you are done shopping and see a nearest exit.


How to get to budget shopping malls in Baku?

These malls are located around 20 km from the city center. If you taking a taxi the fair is around 35 – 50 manat based on your negotiation skills. As per my inquiry a bus is also available from the airport. Take Bus 125, in Bibi Heybet Mosque direction and it will take you to Bina Mall.

I am not 100% sure on the bus route as I took a taxi from outside my hotel. The taxi made me reach there in 30 minutes.

What is Cheap to Shop?

Bina mall is excellent if you are looking to buy garments and household items.  Sadarak mall is good if someone is looking to buy souvenirs or furniture. Definitely the items sold in these malls are of very good quality. The prices are cheapest as compared to any other place in Baku.I was able to have some lovely outfits. Being a bargain hunter, was out with many bags and a big smile.


Baku city

If you are visiting Baku shortly, you can also read my blog on Baku city experiences and walking tours which can help you explore the city at it’s best.

Let me know how was your experience of shopping in Baku, will look forward to hearing your stories 🙂



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    1. Hi Kriti,
      Yes, Baku is Absolutely safe place for Solo Travellers. I recommend to stay on Nizami street as everything is easily approachable from there. Booking Hotels in this area directly is cheaper than other online options.
      Feel free to share it with your network and let me know should you need any further information.

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