Baku – A traditionally modern city

Baku – A traditionally modern city
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I personally love to visit the places that gives you a long day to explore it’s whereabouts. I visited Baku in the spring season that time the sun use to set around 8:15 pm so the city has a long day and beautiful evenings. Tourists get enough time during the day to have a city interaction but I suggest travelling to Baku in winters unless you are planning to get a tan.The day time is quiet sunny and pretty hot but I liked the long breezy evenings to exploring the city.

Places of Interest in Baku

The good thing is Baku is not very big and it is a pedestrian friendly city. I use to take a taxi to one place and explore the neighboring attractions by walking. Make sure to negotiate the fare with Taxi drivers as they sometimes quote the high price to tourists. The two main places are Baku Boulevard in which carpet museum and flame towers can be covered and second is Nizami street in which one can walk to old town and fountain square.All these places are close to each other.

Walking tour of Baku, Azerbaijan

Though the city has modern infrastructure it has well restored it’s culture and history. I realized the Baku had so much to offer when it comes to unpaid excursions. I started taking a walking tour exploring – Nizami Street Area, old town and fountain square
Fountain Square Baku, Azerbaijan

My personal favorite part of the tour has been Nizami street. For me it was a Disney land for grown ups. The streets were well lit with beautiful fountains, statues, shopping places, restaurants and happy faces all around. The best thing was the lovely water sound all around. The place as it has so many beautiful fountains and rest areas around them.

Just across Nizam street is the old city in Baku, which gives you a feeling that from 20th century you have time traveled to 16th century. The area has traditional buildings like Palace of the Shirvanshahs , Maiden tower , old shopping streets and restaurants.
Carpet Museum Baku, Azerbaijan

Some of the modern architecture in Baku can be seen through Baku boulevard. which represents little Venice. Carpet Museum is a museum made in the shape of a carpet, and flame towers the most prominent landmark in Azerbaijan, Baku. The best way is to take a taxi to Baku boulevard and walk to carpet museum

Shopping in Baku

If you like shopping especially clothes Baku is a place for you. Baku has everything from fancy malls to street shopping. I quiet liked buying cosmetics in Baku.You can also try a full day budget shopping excursions at the most reasonably priced malls in Baku. Go through my blog at Cheapest shopping malls in Baku.

Local Cuisine in Baku

Baku is a great place to try some organic, locally grown Azerbaijani cuisine. There are so many great restaurants that I explored during my visit. The traditional ones are generally located in the basement with some great interiors. Here’s my top tips to what and where to eat in Baku.

Life in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku offers family friendly environment for its residents & tourists. Beautiful gardens with play areas for kids and sitting areas for couples & elderly. Some parks had hammocks near play areas where parents were lazing around (without being on the phone screens) while kids were busy playing. I felt that people of all age groups in Baku wait for the evening to step outside their homes, which is not a frequent thing to see in today’s world…..

Baku a traditionally modern city

I enjoyed my unguided trip to Baku away from the hustle bustle of life, hope you enjoyed reading it too…..


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