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A lot of my readers get fascinated by reading different blogs and some of them get keen to start their own blog. I teach many budding bloggers about how to start a blog.

Many bloggers start successfully but getting people to read their content becomes a challenge. I thought it would be helpful to create a detailed post sharing my experience about the things that have helped to increase traffic on my blog. Let me share some tips that bring hundreds of readers to my website everyday.

Be informed my blog is almost an year old and it will turn one in september 2020.

I wanted to share this information because things were not the same when I started. I also don’t have a magic wand to share with you. There are methods that have truly helped grow and monetize my blog.  

Blogging is not for everyone and many people understand it within the first few months of starting. Blogging isn’t a quick money making method but it is a way of earning handsomely after putting in sheer hard work and bringing traffic to your blog. 

For me it has taken so much hard work and dedication to grow my blog because it is a completely different career than I had in the past. I consult and advise but making a blog and getting traffic so that it reaches to the readers, is totally a different ball game. 

I hope the 10 ways I have listed below will be helpful for you to grow your traffic!


Pinterest is a great website and it can bring you a crazy amount of traffic. I make sure to create 3-4 pins for each post I write for pinning with Pinterest. If you’re a blogger and you are not already using Pinterest then you must start doing it now.

If you take any advice from this blog post, Pinterest should be at the top of your list. It attracts people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say and the products you are selling! That’s why it’s so important to use Pinterest for business. So check it out! 


During my initial months of blogging, I was all over the place. There was so much advice to listen to, so many things to do and write. There came a point when I was just done with it! 

Even though I shared a new blog post once a week, I didn’t plan my time and I didn’t plan my content. Many bloggers make this mistake of not understanding the magic of being organized.

Once you create a plan, It not only gives you more time to market your blog to generate traffic but also enables you to plan your content.

So stop being a hard worker instead be a smart worker who focuses more on the important tasks that would help the blog grow and reach a wider audience. 


I highly recommend setting up Google Analytics as you began with your blog. Google Analytics helps you check the 24-hour analytics and blog traffic details. It’s a user friendly tool and free to set up. I remember when I started to use it I was obsessed to check it every one hour. Google Analytics is an amazing way to track things like:

How many visitors came to your website? (daily, weekly, monthly.)

What is the source of blog traffic? i.e Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Which posts are most read

How much time people are spending on your website?

What is the geographical location of the visitors?

Which device is used by visitors to view your blog?

Google Analytics is an essential tool to help you track the progress of your blog. It helps you take direction to create more content and market it through right channels. One can utilize the google analytics information to get answers for some key questions :

 What does my audience want to read about?

Where does my traffic come through? 

How often should I post content?


To grow your blog you need to be consistent in the content you’re creating and the topics you’re focused on. If you are not a passionate writer, blogging becomes a chore and you will soon begin to avoid doing it.


Therefore you will need to do content planning even before starting a blog. This way you will know what you are signing up for and will rely on your passion and motivation to keep you going at the beginning.


Just remember that we all start at zero and consistently post valuable content to get success and traffic to your blog. Read more about how to write a perfect blogpost.


When I first started my blog, it was all about travel because I love to travel. Then came the covid19 and being a recruitment consultant I felt I could help many people through sharing career tips in my career blog.

So I started writing about my work. but as time passed I realized that content needs passion, if you are not writing what you are passionate about, you will soon run out of motivation. 


There are many ways you get traffic to your blog and one of the important ways is mastering SEO (search engine optimization) . I highly recommend the yoast SEO plugin to be installed for your dashboard.


This plugin tells us if our content will make Google happy or not. The logic is if google is happy with our content, it shows in the organic search of the topic on google and hence people will visit your website. 

If you’ve been blogging for a while and haven’t been optimizing your posts, I suggest you go back through all of your posts and update them for SEO. Without using SEO, you’re going to make it very difficult for your target audience to find your blog that will result in minimal organic traffic.


Creating an email list is a great way to market your blog. By having your own email list, your readers are allowing your content directly into their inbox.

The reason why email marketing is so important is that they are personal, each email you send to your readers is a direct message from you, to them.

Its like sending them a map to be directed to your website. Another good reason for starting an email list is if you are planning to sell something as it increases conversion rates.

By having an email list you can reach out to a target audience and promote your products or services directly to them!

To attract more readers to opt for your email list you need to give them something as a freebie. It helps you to communicate with them directly when the users share their email in exchange for an opt-in. 


One of the best strategies for increasing your blog traffic is through Facebook groups. It helps you bring your content in front of readers by joining a Facebook group and sharing your latest blog posts.

It may take some time to find the right groups but it’s worth the effort. The best way to become noticed in Facebook communities is to be social and by helping others.

Don’t just post links to your blog posts but also answer any questions. When you help others and they will support you in return.


Creating new content is very time consuming for any blogger but re- defining the old content is awesome! It is a great strategy which brings good traffic to your blog. Here are some ways one can re-purpose the blog content:

One can easily turn blog posts content into YouTube videos: For example, from this blog post about 10 ways to make money from your blog I created this YouTube video about earning from your blog!

Convert blog posts into podcasts

Offer blog posts content into downloadable PDF’s

Turn YouTube videos into podcast ·         

Use paragraphs from blog posts for social media content captions. 


Blog success is 20% writing and 80% marketing your content.  If you are a blogger that believes that “I created a blog and readers will come automatically” it’s high time to evaluate your approach.

Without marketing, you have a blog as a hobby, not a business. So the course of action is:

1. Create quality blog posts

2.  Promote it wherever and whenever you can

3. After you’re done, promote it some more.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.


Before we just start “marketing”, we need to figure out what we’re doing and why. It’s always good to do strategic marketing if you want to increase your blog traffic.

You need to know who your targeted audience is and how do you get them to notice you. If you already have a website that gets some traffic it’s worth looking at Google Analytics.

We’re not doing this to find where you don’t get traffic so you can focus on improving that. Nope, we’re doing the opposite.

Find what’s already working and optimize it 10 times.

Don’t waste your time trying to squeeze juice out of every dry fruit you come across. Go where there’s lots of water and enjoy it. You’ll find if you do a little bit of everything, you’ll end up accomplishing a little bit of nothing.

See what marketing channels are sending you most of your blog traffic and focus on using them more.


Another thing that helped me to increase my blog traffic is through scheduling my posts on social media. Creating a work schedule is a good idea when your blog is a few months old and you have a variety for your blog.


When I had much to post, I started adding it to my calendar to create a schedule to publish. I added all the blog posts, YouTube video’s and projects into my calendar for content planning that helped me stay focused.

But for New Bloggers I recommend Pinterest Only to start with. For many bloggers, traffic is the most challenging part of building a successful blog. I don’t blame them as there are so many different traffic sources like

Facebook, Google search, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Pinterest can go viral and bring you a ton of traffic even if you have precisely 0 Followers on your Blog!!! This is HUGE! Another reason for Pinterest being my favorite is that over 80% of Pinterest users are buyers.

You can reach out to a lot of people without struggle and wasting a ton of your time in front of your computer. To be honest with you, I’m not a Social Media slave anymore because I started using focused marketing strategies to bring more visitors to my blog.

I hope you have found this post helpful to get more traffic to your blog! Let me know which social media channels have worked for you and why in the comments below!

Happy posting!

Naina Xx


A wanderlust follower who believes travel broadens your horizons. I love to explore new places & beauty of nature as it fuels life into my soul.


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