10 Facts about Switzerland train travel

10 Facts about Switzerland train travel
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I must say switzerland trains system is one of the best. Considering the season changes, time management, punctuality and comfort for travelers. A train ride in Switzerland is the most scenic in the whole world.  There are several beautiful towns to be explored by trains.Below are some facts which will be useful for you if you are planning to explore switzerland on a train.


Connectivity through SBB

  • Swiss trains covers all cities in Switzerland. Also, there are international high speed trains that connects it to other European countries.
  • One can refer to Swiss Federal Railway station website for understanding the train system.

Switzerland train tickets & offers

  • Ticket system in switzerland is user friendly. Train tickets machines available on most of the stations. Information is displayed on timetable train schedule and arrival platform. The easiest way is to look at the time in your watch and refer to the next train you can take.
  • If you are planning to visit different cities in switzerland travelling in the train and have a clear Itinerary. I highly recommend Swiss rail pass as an economic option, otherwise you can always buy point to point tickets.
  • Make sure to design your Switzerland itinerary in advance to save money on train tickets.
  • Keeping exact change always comes in handy, when you are buying tickets through machine. Put an exact amount required for the tickets as it should not exceed the mentioned currency on the ticket machine.
  • Individual or point to point train tickets are expensive as compared to getting a Swiss pass. To save money check out for any online offers on supersaver tickets.
  • It is worth to ask your hotel reception if they offer any complementary tickets for nearby travel, there are chances that you may get lucky 🙂

Swiss travel pass & SBB information

  • If you are a first time traveler to Switzerland without a rail pass you must gather basic information about the country, I recommend on your first day you must visit your nearest Swiss Federal Railway station SBB. It will give you a clear idea on routes and cost effective ways to use for international guests.

Eat, drink & Shop at train stations

  • Most of train stations have restaurants, supermarkets and other shopping outlets located at the train stations for the travelers convenience.
  • If you missed to pick up souvenirs from the city don’t worry. One can buy some souvenirs at the supermarkets near airport. I was at the Zurich airport for departure and it more or less was like a shopping mall with a food court as well. I did my last minute shopping from a supermarket located just before the airport entrance and finished my remaining swiss currency.
  • Eating and drinking is allowed in Swiss trains. If you are boarding the train at an odd time or with kids you need not to worry. Just have a snack kit with you or you can buy food at the train station itself. Some long distance trains have cafes where you can buy food inside the train.

Required documents and recommendations for train travel

  • It’s always good to carry your passports if you are travelling with the Swiss rail pass/ family pass. It could be asked for by the ticket inspector for verification.
  • We landed in Zurich and the train station was at 5 minutes walk from the airport. It made the commute to the hotel very easy. It is always good to book your hotels nearby train stations.
  • Swiss train journeys are very comfortable and it has family sections with breathtaking views throughout. Make sure to keep your camera well charged to make some beautiful memories on the way.
  • During some journeys, the train stays in a tunnel for more than 30 minutes. For example – while visiting Jungfraujoch there is a long tunnel where everything outside the train is very dark.
  • In case you are with children, prepare them well in advance, so that they are comfortable while the train is passing through a tunnel.
  • Lastly most of the trains have well maintained toilets inside them so you need not to miss the train because of natures’ call.

I hope my experience will be beneficial for the readers. Please feel free to share your comments and experiences on Swiss train travel. I will be happy to hear any suggestions as well.

Happy traveling!


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